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Dreaming of an Orange Christmas?

We’ve made a list of some great ideas for Bitcoin-related gifts, whether you’re looking for something for a Bitcoin enthusiast or someone you want to introduce to Bitcoin.


Count down the blocks until Christmas (or the next halving) with a BLOCKCLOCK Mini or BLOCKCLOCK Micro device from Coinkite. This display art device is popular amongst bitcoiners and allows you to plug it into your own node, track the block height, prices from exchanges or connect to Opendime to display balance, fiat value, and deposit QR codes. Pay with bitcoin to get a discount!

Bitcoin Magazine Subscription

Four quarterly issues of the paper edition of Bitcoin Magazine. They also sell past releases as collectibles, as well as plenty of other trendy bitcoin merch and artworks. And of course they accept bitcoin payments.

Bitcoin Signing Devices

After the recent collapse of the fraudulent crypto exchange FTX and a year filled with insolvencies from Bitcoin or crypto-related hedge funds and lending services, a record amount of bitcoin has been withdrawn from exchanges.

However if you know someone that is still holding bitcoin on an exchange, you could be the one that saves them from the next multi-billion dollar scammer.

Gift them a state of the art Bitcoin cold-storage solution with a Coldcard or a BitBox hardware wallet.

Little HODLer Plushy

The cutest Bitcoin mascot around. This Bitcoin Maximalist plushy toy only HODLs bitcoin but he’s surprisingly non-toxic and suitable for all ages. They currently have Christmas surprise boxes filled with goodies. Order from their website and pay with Bitcoin (on chain or lightning).

Bitcoin Books

Some great books to read by the fire this holiday season. Here’s a few suggestions that will take beginners and veterans alike deeper down the rabbit hole:

Check your Financial Privilege by Alex Gladstein

The ones that profit from their position inside the dollar system call Bitcoin all sorts of names. What many in the West fail to realize is that Bitcoin provides billions around the world with a bank account, cheap money transfers and payments, and a currency they’d rather use than the ones made available to them by their totalitarian governments. With his new book released in 2022, human rights activist Alex Gladstein reminds us that Bitcoin is a tool to set individuals and communities free from oppression.

Order from Bitcoin Magazine or from Amazon.

The Bitcoin Standard & The Fiat Standard by Saifedean Ammous

The Bitcoin Standard is a great book for explaining the fundamentals of Bitcoin and the improvements that it enables, without getting lost into too many technical details. Now considered a classic, it first came out in 2018 and has since orange pilled the world with versions available in 35 different languages!

The sequel The Fiat Standard came out during 2021 and discusses how a corrupt monetary system is at the root of many of modern society’s problems.

Order from Saifedean’s website and get 10% off if you pay with Bitcoin (on-chain or lightning)

The Book of Max

Spend the Christmas season with a dose of Max Keiser’s Relentless Optimism. A coffee table book to celebrate the global insurrection against banker occupation. Order from Amazon.

Some self-sovereign bitcoin

Obviously bitcoin is the ultimate gift, so why not gift them a few satoshis? They could back up a seed phrase that you generated for them and sent some bitcoin to.

Try using our 12 words christmas giftcard template.

Bitcoin Whitepaper Poster

A cool print from Etsy of maybe the most important computer science paper in our lifetime. The seller describes the poster as being “perfect for all Bitcoin enthusiasts, traders, shareholders, bankers, and securities traders”.

Alternatively check out these posters in a slightly different style that come already framed!

Bitcoin Mug

What about a mug for a bitcoiner in your life who can’t stop thinking about those sweet sats? We promise in 2023 we will pay more attention!

Bitcoin Socks

Everyone needs to get at least one pair of new socks on Christmas day. Why not make it Bitcoin socks this year? Reinforced heel & toe. From Amazon.

Bitcoin LED Sign

Decorate your room or office with the colors of the Bitcoin revolution. The sign is really crisp and bright even during daytime, and comes with a hook so you can hang it up.

Warning: staring at it for too long could give you laser eyes!

Can Bitcoin help you escape fiat inflation?

The 20th century saw government currencies abandon the gold standard, instead pegging themselves to the gold-backed US Dollar until 1971, when the…


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