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Satoshis for Christmas

Anyone can use Bitcoin whether they’ve been naughty or nice.

So why not give the gift of Bitcoin this Christmas?

Gifting satoshis is a fun and easy way to introduce your friends and family to Bitcoin. For many of us, our journey from first hearing about Bitcoin to actually owning our own was a longer process than we would have liked. Even though we encourage our loved ones to take the plunge and get some bitcoin of their own, very few of them actually do so. For some, the process of buying bitcoin seems complicated, for others the idea of carrying out KYC to use exchanges is intrusive. Some people think it’s too risky and are unwilling to put their money where their mouth is, while many others are interested but have simply never taken the time to sit down and take that first step.

So why not simplify the process for them and gift them some bitcoin instead? This gives them an easy way into Bitcoin that is also peer to peer and anonymous. This may encourage them to learn more about Bitcoin and even become invested in its success.

If you want to go the whole hog you can gift them a hardware wallet, or a credit stick such as Coinkite’s Opendime, but these are pricier options which aren’t really suited to gifting small amounts.

We’ve designed two different Bitcoin Christmas cards free for you to print and use to make the act of giving satoshis this Christmas as easy as pie. The cards contain space for a 12-word seed phrase which you can generate using a number of free wallet apps.

You can either help them through the onboarding process yourself, or they can follow the link at the back of the card which will direct them to a guide on this website covering the steps necessary to recover their bitcoin, as well as a quick overview of what Bitcoin is and a few useful links.


Just follow these steps to make your Bitcoin gift card:

  1. Download the cards by clicking Download above.
  2. Print the card you like best and fold it twice.
  3. Create a fresh set of 12 words using your favorite wallet app.
  4. Write down the seed phrase on the card.
  5. Restore the seed phrase to double check that it works.
  6. Gift them to friends and family to spread the joy of Bitcoin!

You may want to keep your own copies of the seed phrases in case your giftees lose or misplace them.

Be sure to remind them that it isn’t safe to keep a copy of their seed phrase electronically- this means absolutely no photos, writing it down in a text document or sending it in a message or email. Doing so means your phrase will be compromised and the funds could be stolen.

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