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I was recently introduced on the Simply Bitcoin show to a new web app called Timechain Calendar. Inspired by Coinkite’s Blockclock and by dashboards such as TimechainStats or, Timechain Calendar pulls data from’s API and displays it on a sleek interface, giving you a live overview of some key metrics of the Bitcoin Timechain.

What does it show?

One glance at the Timechain Calendar will tell you what the current block height is, the current hashrate securing the network, the current fee rates, and even how many satoshis you can buy for a dollar at current market prices.

You will also notice two concentric circles. The inner red circle counts down the number of blocks to the next difficulty adjustment, which takes precisely 2016 blocks or about 2 weeks on average. The outer orange circle is a countdown to the next halving, which occurs every 210,000 blocks – about 4 years. In the top right corner, you can also see which halving era we are currently in and how much of the bitcoin supply is left to be mined.

And while the future must be uncertain, you can travel to the past and obtain information about past blocks by clicking the block height or by dragging the orange slider at the bottom. You can also click the date and pick any time since Bitcoin’s inception on 3rd of January 2009. This will tell you the block height for a specific date and time, which is useful if you’re interested in finding out the block height for important life events, such as the birth of a child or the moment you met the love of your life ❤

Future Updates

It was launched just a few weeks ago and the developer is planning to add a number of new features and improvements such as:

  • more information about past blocks
  • a widget version that you can add to a web page
  • a smartwatch version compatible with Android and iOS

It should become open source in the near future which means anyone will be free to modify their own version or contribute towards new features, so if you’re a developer in the Bitcoin space be sure to follow this new and exciting project.

Tick Tock, Next Block

While some hodlers might be currently feeling depressed at bitcoin seeing the 4th worst bear market in the asset’s history, those of us who already denominate their wealth in bitcoin would rather see this as an opportunity to accumulate even more at discount prices. While bitcoin’s price may go up and down, tools like this can help us focus on what is important, which is that Bitcoin’s fundamental value has not changed:

  • I can still send my bitcoin to whoever I want, whenever I want
  • Nobody can take my bitcoin away from me
  • Blocks are still being produced every 10 minutes
  • Bitcoin is still the only asset in the universe that has a known and verifiable monetary policy and issuance schedule that no one can change
  • We’re still relentlessly marching towards the next halving- each halving cuts the emission of new bitcoins in half, making existing bitcoin twice as scarce each time, until there are no more new bitcoins to be mined

The bear market is a period for accumulating knowledge and building new tools that will help educate and onboard new Bitcoiners. The Timechain Calendar helps visualize Bitcoin for what it is: an unstoppable machine that will keep marching forward regardless of anyone’s opinion, separating money and state one block at a time.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to tune in to Simply Bitcoin! It has quickly become my go-to show for daily bitcoin news and signal.

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